Thursday, October 7, 2010

And the winner is ME!

Well its has been months since I have been able to write on my blog. Since then I have worked hard for the U.S. Census during the summer months in my home town and I was able to attend my sorority convention in New Orleans, LA this summer. Back in grad school this semester and this time going for 9 hours trying to graduate next spring or summer. In September I went to a retreat with my friend Queen and I was the "People's Choice" winner in a quilt contest being held at Rice University. I had know idea how much time I was going to devote to winning but I gave my entire week to it. I sent out over 400 emails, my twin sent out over 500 and I was listed on several Facebook pages with populations nearing over 3000. Now that didn't include the personal phone calls and the text messages sent out. One of my friends voted for someone else quilt but then he made it up to me and voted at school for mine. Much love to all my family and friends I had votes coming in from Spain, England, Kuwait and who knows where else in the world. I watched those polls for hours and on the last day coming to the close of the contest I rarely left my pc not to mention my family (the nation) who was constantly calling and watching also. The quilt will be on exhibit at Rice U and can be seen with the other quilts at I entered just to see how many people I could reach and I don't know what the total votes were but I know I had 35% of them. Then on yesterday I went to the mailbox and my copy of Kyra Hicks books was there and guess who was listed as an African American Quilter in Cyberspace ~~~~you guess its ME! That was enough to say girl you need to go write something on that blog.

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