Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Wow I it seems I am truly turning this into a yearly blog. I can believe that I have not posted as life as been a whirlwind for me this year. After my successful quilt show I have had numerous request for quilts but have not had the time to complete them. It's a jungle sometimes it make me wonder how I keep from going under. In and May I took a 3 week vacation via Mega Bus, Amtrak, and Southwest Airlines.
Places I visited were Atlanta, Fayetville, Atlantic Beach, Indian Head, Washington DC, Morrisville, Long Island, Philadelphia and so many other cities I can't remember right now. In July I started a new part time job as a technologist teaching senior citizens computers, Ipad, and anything technological in Port Neches, TX. I have met the most interesting people working this job. They have retired from some interesting fields, are enjoying life, they travel a lot, they party a lot, they have fun and I enjoy hearing their stories and seeing their enthusiasm when they talk about their lives.
In August I participated in my first vendor show and had an awesome time meeting people, exposing myself as a quilt artist and I even sold a few items.
In October I made history with my face being exhibited at the International Quilt Show as a FACE of A Quilter. I along with my Quilting DIVAS Red Hat Group and a pic of my twin Lenora and I also.
Tomorrow God will bless me to turn 55 and I hope to celebrate it with my brother and church family enjoying The Gospel according to Jazz.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

I've Come This Far By Faith

My one woman show at the Port Arthur Public Library was a success. I could not hang all the quilts I wanted to due to space so at my Meet and Greet I delighted my guest with more quilts and a lot of unfinished quilt tops. I did a brief talk on where I started and where I would like to go on this quilt journey. I also talked my exhibit and answered questions.

OMG It has been a long time!

OMG I had not realized I have not placed anything on my blog since 2012. 2013 was a year for me. 1. Passing of my oldest brother Leroy James Colbert 2. Employment for six months @ Port Arthur Public Library teaching computer classes 3. Gullah Festival 4. Family Reunion 5. 35th Class Reunion 6. Red Hat Outings 7. Hawaii

Sunday, December 2, 2012

OMG 2012 is almost over and I am almost 53 years old. The Lord has been good to me and I thank him everyday. My quilting is not where I want it to be but despite all of my sickness and financial hardships this year I have managed to work on several projects. This year I launched the Quilting DIVAS Red Hat Group and I am looking forward to the fun and fellowship of this new group in my life. I continue to trust and believe that God will bless me with employment in his time as I continue to do his will. I have just discovered a FB friend Nancy Cash beautiful work and have fallen in love with her Circle quilt entitled Quilting Circle.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

IQA almost over

Well it has been a wonderful experience again at the quiltmarket and festival. Of course I have met new friends and quilters from all over the USA and the world. The African American exhibit was outstanding and I was able to meet three of the artist. Carolyn Crump, Glenda Richardson, and Michelle Flamer.
The African American Yahoo group was represented also.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oh My Time Flies By When You Having FUN!

Well I guess it is time for me to chat about what has been going on with me. Somethings good some not so good and some great. In May, 2011 I had a lump removed from my breast and is was non cancerous (yeah). I was also told I have the cancer gene in both of my breast and at some point in my life I will develop breast cancer. I did opt to monitor myself and have bi-yearly check up in hopes of catching the cancer at its onset. No chemo pills for me only monitoring. In August, 2011 I graduated from grad school with my Masters of Library Science. August, 2012 has come and I am still unemployed but faithful that my job is out there. In December, 2011 I had a hysterectomy and spent the New Years recuperating in Dallas with my twin. I don't know what I would have done without my twins help and encouragement at that time period of my life. My surgery had some complications and there were several mistakes made by the hospital staff during my recovery.Fast forward to July, 2012 and I end up back in the hospital for a 5 day stay. From what I am told my incision has developed scar tissue that has attached itself to my lower intestines. My intestine made several loops until it stopped my food from going down. Oh the pain... I thought I was just having indigestion but everything kept coming up and my stomach seemed to knot up each time I was hanging over the sink. Needless to say I am still working my part time jobs and full time job searching. Oh I forgot my best news is that in July I purchased a 2008 Chrysler Town and Country van. I was oh so tired of getting to work soak and wet from perspiration and changing clothes just to have a comfortable ride home. I have not been able to take a road trip in it but will as soon as the finances get better.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Master's Degree in SIGHT!

I received word on July 1 my portfolio passed so graduation is in sight for me. Yes, Yes, Yes! I thank God for my editing sister Lenora who makes sure my sentences make sense, my grammar is correct and the papers flow. I spend the holiday weekend with friends and family doing what I love best quilting and resting. On Saturday a good friend had an early December birthday celebration in Tomball, TX at Quilters Cabin retreat center. I was able to talk through a demonstration of Gyleen F. pineapple ruler and demonstrate a postcard technique to a few ladies. On Sunday I worked the Astros vs Boston Red Sox game and then headed to the Ensemble Theater to see the season finale play called Blues In The Night. The four performers were highly talented in vocals and their acting ability. Being a southerner I was a little sleepy on the blues they were singing I wanted the down home blues songs with the blue blues beat like BB King or Bobby Blue Bland. On Monday I went to my storage and got rid of a few more items then headed home to sleep, work on literature review due Tuesday and clear up some emails.