Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Master's Degree in SIGHT!

I received word on July 1 my portfolio passed so graduation is in sight for me. Yes, Yes, Yes! I thank God for my editing sister Lenora who makes sure my sentences make sense, my grammar is correct and the papers flow. I spend the holiday weekend with friends and family doing what I love best quilting and resting. On Saturday a good friend had an early December birthday celebration in Tomball, TX at Quilters Cabin retreat center. I was able to talk through a demonstration of Gyleen F. pineapple ruler and demonstrate a postcard technique to a few ladies. On Sunday I worked the Astros vs Boston Red Sox game and then headed to the Ensemble Theater to see the season finale play called Blues In The Night. The four performers were highly talented in vocals and their acting ability. Being a southerner I was a little sleepy on the blues they were singing I wanted the down home blues songs with the blue blues beat like BB King or Bobby Blue Bland. On Monday I went to my storage and got rid of a few more items then headed home to sleep, work on literature review due Tuesday and clear up some emails.

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