Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Wow I it seems I am truly turning this into a yearly blog. I can believe that I have not posted as life as been a whirlwind for me this year. After my successful quilt show I have had numerous request for quilts but have not had the time to complete them. It's a jungle sometimes it make me wonder how I keep from going under. In and May I took a 3 week vacation via Mega Bus, Amtrak, and Southwest Airlines.
Places I visited were Atlanta, Fayetville, Atlantic Beach, Indian Head, Washington DC, Morrisville, Long Island, Philadelphia and so many other cities I can't remember right now. In July I started a new part time job as a technologist teaching senior citizens computers, Ipad, and anything technological in Port Neches, TX. I have met the most interesting people working this job. They have retired from some interesting fields, are enjoying life, they travel a lot, they party a lot, they have fun and I enjoy hearing their stories and seeing their enthusiasm when they talk about their lives.
In August I participated in my first vendor show and had an awesome time meeting people, exposing myself as a quilt artist and I even sold a few items.
In October I made history with my face being exhibited at the International Quilt Show as a FACE of A Quilter. I along with my Quilting DIVAS Red Hat Group and a pic of my twin Lenora and I also.
Tomorrow God will bless me to turn 55 and I hope to celebrate it with my brother and church family enjoying The Gospel according to Jazz.

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