Monday, February 16, 2009


Well I am finally back. I was going to post on December 4, 2008 my 49th birthday and that didn't happen. Then I was going to post when the new year came in and that didn't happen. I ended the year with cellphone, digital camera and laptop problems. It seemed as if all my favorite electronics were causing me stress at the same time. I have vowed to keep better control of my stress level for 2009 and to keep my faith and know that God is my source of strength and I will be alright. I purchased a new cell phone in December, finally deposited my laptop to Fry's for repair and sent my camera off to Canon for repair. The camera is back and I presume working I have no done anything to it but powered it on. I am being told my laptop is ready by the manufacturer but Fry's claim it will take 8 - 10 weeks for it to be sent back to them fro Fujitsu. I love Motorola phones so I now own the Krave. It is a touch screen phone and I probably should have listened to my daughter and not gotten a fully touch phone. I am enjoying the new toy but there are times the screens blacks on me and my pics disappear. I am participating in numerous swaps and have decided to start my own online swap group (imani swappers). Like most things in my life right now I have built the group but need to go further and send out my invites. I have finally started journal quilting. My first was a collage and my second will be a crazy patch. The creative juices are flowing....all in my head. Now if I can just get them to the sewing machine things will be better.


Joan said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you've had a stressful time. I originally started quilting to relieve stress -- they say the combination of math and creativity can work wonders.

Regina said...

Welcome back lady. I look forward to reading this year :)