Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Holiday

I am ever so thankful for family. My family met in Shrveport, LA for Thanksgiving and we had a wonderful time. 8 of my 9 siblings met along with neices, nephews and one friend. Since many of us will not be together for the Christmas and Kwanzaa celebration we discussed Kwanzaa and participated in an litany to encourage us to think of the respect, pride, dignity, truth and love we have as a family. I have been in Shreveport for a week and have done more cooking than ever in my life. I can cook but choose not to being the baby of 11 we never had to do much except assist at holiday celebrations. Lenora and I cooked, decorated , helped coordinate the event and washed a many of dishes. This is the second anniversary of my mom not being present with us and we shared many of laughs about things she would say at this time and also a few tears as one of my neices has a video of mom expressing her views in a comical way of all her kids during her last months. We miss her and we truly wish she was here to witness November 4, 2008 and January 20, 2009.

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CarolynQuilts said...

Just saw your blog. I live in Texas also (Victoria) and am relatively new to blogging. Also a quilter and a single mom to a 24-year old daughter so we have some things in common! Hope to see more posts from you.