Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Baby is 21 now! September 19, 2008

Lawdy where did the time go... I started off remembering her birth by her phone call at 12:15am the morning of her birthday telling me she was now legal. I was sitting in my dark(no electricity due to IKE) house and thinking, un un un I can no longer tell her where she can't go. Around 6:30 that morning I send out text messages to my family and friends telling them that "21years ago around this time I was being blessed with a beautiful baby girl". As the replies started coming back to me it was my neice Lynns reply that she was with me throughout the birth that brought the tears down. Lynn, my sister Linda and a friend Chirine had rushed me to the hospital when I called to say my water had broke and they spent the entire time with me (12 hours) until I delivered. Lauren's dad came in from Austin a few hours after I got to the hospital and my good friend Audrey showed up and stayed with me also. The hospital wouldn't give her any information so she came and spent the night with us also. My twin (Lauren's other mom) showed up from Dallas about 3 hours after Lauren was born and the visits and phone calls continued. I can't remember if my mom came the first day or the second but I know I was waiting to tell her I DID IT! I had arrived at Herman Hospital in Houston, TX around 7 pm with just some leakage. Well they decided to break the bag more and then the pains began. I was having the epidural shot so I thought where is the anesthesia dr. My failed epidural will always be in my mind. For some reason I deadened on one side of my body and the other side allowed me to feel those contractions. He kept coming and giving me those shots until I reached the limit trying to get me out of my discomfort. Soon they gave me something to sleep I thought it was morphine I can't remember what it was but I slept and slept. Lynn later told me they had shaved me and other things, I do not remember any of that. What I remember is my nurse waking me at 6:30a.m. and said "come on Laura my shift is almost over let's have this baby" and I did. Nurse Linda had just came on duty when I arrived and she tended to me and some others her entire shift. Steve and Audrey had went downstairs and when they returned Lauren Stephanie Gary was here.
I made Lauren a quilt to commemorate her 21st bd and she celebrated by going to a casino Boomtown in Shreveport LA. Lauren had been asking me to make her a pink quilt for years and this actually was the 3rd one I had started but I was determined to finish it by the birthday weekend. When she arrived in Shreveport my sister Linda and I was still quilting the quilt on the sewing machine. I sewed the label on Saturday the day after the BD and after she spent her first night under it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMAGIRL

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Mel said...

Happy birthday to your baby! I love birth stories! How nice to know you've done a good job by your girl! Family sure is a good thing to have around!

I have a 3 year old and my greatest fear is that I won't do a good job of raising him, though I'm trying my hardest!!

Congratulations to you for being her mother!