Monday, July 14, 2008

One Hurdle Down A Friend Came To My Rescue

Tonight I was able to get my radiator hose replaced on my 93 Astro Van that has been a blessing to me. I would not be able to get around without it. It totes my sewing machines, my clothes, music, everything I need as I go from place to place working my part time jobs, going to quilt meetings, going on job interviews, mailing out swaps, and living life to the best I can at this time. My friend of over 20 years has been a big blessing to me. He has always been able to help me as a single parent with my cars, my home repairs, listening to me complain about my then teenager, and just sharing some good conversation and laughs about life. I called him about 12 and tonight at 7pm he was here to my rescue. What a blessing it is to have a good friend like Tony.

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