Sunday, July 27, 2008


Yesterday marked the 1 year anniversary of the date my loving mother took her last breath out of this world. As I look back on the year I think I have been just exisitng, living in a fog, knowing what I should be doing but also knowing I was not doing it, encouraging others to hold on and accepting encouragment from others to hold on myself. My family promised to get together twice a year as we had been doing the last years of Mom's life ~ for her birthday and for at least one holiday. We got together in March , went to her gravestie had prayer and song and on Sunday just like we had been doing for the last 10 or 15 years per her instructions we all piled into her church and sat on her pew as she would have had it. For Thanksgiving we had dinner at the family home and again went to her gravesite and had family prayer and song. These past 365 days have been dark for Sylvina Marks Casmore's children but as I stood at her gravesite alone yesterday and sang "This Little Light of Mine" I prayed and the sun shined and I can could hear mama saying to all of her children as she did whenever something was not going right for us "Behind every dark cloud there is sunshine". I miss her and from this day forward I look forward to waking up and welcoming the sunshine.

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Delicate Mind said...

glad you are writing and following your mothers faith footsteps. Lean on Jesus. He will comfort you. :) Good luck girl!